First aid course In this course, the measures for first aid for those affected by vital danger are to be conveyed. The knowledge that can be acquired here is helpful to life-saving in many emergencies that can occur in the private and professional environment. A large part of this concerns respiratory and circulatory emergencies. The care of injuries, burns and shock states, as well as poisoning is taught. Topics among others: Behavior at the emergency site Securing, self-protection, emergency calls, immediate measures First aid / further measures at Shock as a life-threatening condition Wounds and wound care, hemostasis Poisoning (e.g. with alcohol, medication, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, pesticides, chemicals or drugs) Seizure (epilepsy) and stroke (cerebral infarction) thermal damage (burns, frostbite and hypothermia) acid burns Insect bites (especially in the mouth and throat) Violence on the head (head injury), concussion Choking (swallowing foreign bodies) Abdominal injuries, acute abdominal disorders with nausea and diarrhea or vomiting Cardiovascular disorders (cardiovascular arrest, heart attack, stroke and cardiac arrhythmias) Bone and joint injuries Mental care of the casualty / patient The duration comprises 9 teaching units